The CalShore Management Methodology

We offer comprehensive property management services to owners of multi-family properties, commercial properties, single-family homes, and vacation rentals. Our goal is to make management of investor-owned properties hassle-free, to keep costs low by way of efficiencies achievable only through our technology-driven platform, to drive the property’s value upward and optimize return on investment, and to up-level the quality of the experience for all parties, including tenants.

Managing a Property On Your Own Can Be Challenging

We have some questions for you.

Would you like to see your property consistently performing at its highest potential?
Is attraction and retention of great tenants high on your priority list?
Are you looking for ways to streamline costs without sacrificing quality and service?
Would your life become easier if you knew that repairs and maintenance issues were consistently being handled with efficiency and professionalism?
Do you value a discerning eye that can spot opportunities that will enhance the value of your property, sometimes dramatically?
Is real-time, transparent access to financials and performance indicators on your investment property a must-have?
Do you consider integrity, accountability, and outstanding customer service to be the pillars of what constitutes stellar property management?

If you answered “yes” to any, or all, of the above, we need to talk.

CalShore Property Management Solutions

Maximizing Efficiency

We use software technology and an online interface to streamline our prospecting process to improve margins.

Minimizing Cost

We lower your costs with our efficient online approach to management, recruitment and reporting.

Superior Servicing

We provide consistently superior service in response to repair and maintenance requests.

Added Value Advising

We evaluate and advise on upgrading opportunities through the lens of added value.

Recruiting Best Tenants

We specialize in recruiting, vetting, and retaining the best tenants to reduce turnover and protect your investment.

Handling Payments

We handle rental payments, disbursements to vendors, and monitor cash flow for you.

Maintaining Compliance

We maintain scrupulous regulatory compliance monitoring to ensure your seamless and profitable investment.

Real-Time Reporting

We provide real-time, transparent owner access to all financial records through a dedicated owner portal.

Optimum Performance

CalShore Management maintains oversight of all property management functions in house; this translates into seamless coordination and execution of its many moving parts.

Coupled with our technology-forward mindset, utilizing a state-of-the-art property management platform, we are able to ensure owners hassle-free, optimum performance with the CalShore Management Methodology.

While technology streamlines the complex processes and enables us to function seamlessly, to anticipate problems and correct them or avoid them entirely, it does not supplant the human element of what makes CalShore Management the business that property owners want on their team.  We are committed to the delivery of personalized, friendly service to owners and tenants alike. The satisfaction and trust of our customers, our reputation, and our very reason for being in this business depend on it.

Business Strategy

Our business strategy incorporates a stabilization plan, monitors rent roll, makes income statements and financing structure transparent to all participating investors, and ultimately executes an exit strategy based on market conditions and projected returns.

Vendor payments are seamlessly processed, rental payments are processed and tracked, monthly and year-end financial reports, profit and loss statements, and tax documents are accessible to owners in real-time through the exclusive owner portal.

All parties benefit from the rich resources we have procured through well-established relationships with high-quality vendors and contractors, dedicated to providing us with impeccable service in property repair, maintenance, and improvements.

Communication is Essential

We believe that good communication is vital and stand behind that with a pledge to be accessible and responsive at all times. We value transparency and ask for candid dialogue so that we know what is on the minds of both owners and tenants, as guideposts for how we can serve you even better.

By constantly striving to deliver a positive experience to our tenants, we serve our complimentary mission of elevating the quality of life for residents in neighborhoods and communities that were at one time under stress, but now enjoy revitalization and a safer, healthier environment.

Our investor partners similarly enjoy the benefits of a strategy that maximizes return on their investment while supporting the sustainable growth and development of the California coastal region and the forward-looking vision which they are instrumental in shaping.

Meet David Lane

Founder and CEO

Entrepreneur & Experienced Investor

David founded CalShore Management out of his vision to offer a full spectrum of world-class services to investors through a single entity that leverages cutting-edge technology, in combination with transparency, integrity, collaboration and real-time accountability, to achieve maximum results for his clients.

Licensed California Realtor

David knows the greater-LA real estate market down to the most intricate detail. For over a decade on the California coast, David has distinguished himself in the real estate community as a leading advisor, analyst, strategist, & acquisitions and investments manager. His personal ties to this community inspire him to pioneer responsible growth, economic health, & quality of life.

CalShore Management Vision

David considers the “capstone” of his vision for CalShore Management to be that of serving his clients and his community simultaneously, by expertly managing assets to maximize return on investment while contributing to the sustainable, eco-conscious growth and vitality of the greater Los Angeles area.

Investment Asset Manager

David has distinguished himself in the California coast real estate community as a leading advisor, analyst, strategist, and acquisitions and investments manager. As a long-time investor, himself, in single and multi-family properties, he understands the nuances of investing, the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, and how to maximize efficiency and, in turn, profitability.