ADU - Accessory Dwelling Unit

Accessory Dwelling Units, also known as ADUs, represent an attractive opportunity for owners to leverage their assets to maximize ROI on an existing property.


Construction Management

To provide comprehensive service to our co-investor-owners, we offer construction management for renovations, remodels, upgrades, and ADU construction.


Asset Management

We offer unique & professional service which allows our investors to create, build and preserve wealth with our innovative, data-driven investment solutions.


We are Partners with our Investors.

Through syndication, we are able to offer first-time investors and seasoned investors a pathway to “get in the game” with even modest sums of capital and then continue to grow and diversify. We generate passive cash flow for investors and build wealth by exercising meticulous asset management.

We oversee renovations on all assets with the objective of elevating the value of each property through exterior improvements, interior renovations, upgrading of amenities, and maintaining reserves for contingencies. By enhancing the resident experience, we attract well-qualified tenants able to pay market prices that reflect the quality of the property. Through our well-established network of vendors and contractors, we enjoy consistently reliable, prompt, high-quality service in each project that we undertake. Wherever possible, we source materials locally and are committed to implementing the most environmentally-responsible solutions available, as in use of solar power, energy efficient lighting, sustainable lumber, low-emittance windows.

Through comprehensive financial oversight, we conduct regular budget reviews, insurance analyses, and property tax evaluations. Our constant scrutiny of property performance is vital to optimizing income and maximizing return on investment while controlling expenses through operational efficiencies. We maintain strict compliance with the many federal, state, and local regulations under which we operate.

Through our work together we establish trust.

CalShore Management provides passive investing opportunities in commercial real estate syndications focusing on “value-add” multi-family properties. We oversee all acquisitions, underwriting operations, asset management, sourcing capital, investor relations, and building strategic partnerships.

Owing to our deep knowledge of coastal California and our well-established network across the real estate, financial, and other business sectors, we are able to identify the most promising opportunities for investment. CalShore Management sources and acquires underperforming properties that present value-add opportunities and the potential for significant cash flow. Along with our partners, we also invest in each property acquired. We focus on growing our portfolio by identifying properties in prime locations, opportunity zones, and those with a competitive price per square foot.

By closely monitoring market trends, researching key performance indicators, and implementing data-driven business plans, we have established a solid record of transforming underperforming properties into high-performing, sustainable sources of income.

Let's work together to build and carry out your investment portfolio