Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

Accessory Dwelling Units, also known as ADUs, represent an attractive opportunity for property owners to leverage their assets to maximize ROI. Simply stated, they are secondary,  independent, residential structures that are an addition to existing properties or re-purposing of sub-optimally used space, to create expanded living space in the form of home offices, in-law suites, au-pair suites, or perhaps a guest house.

ADUs increase the usability of an existing property by the addition of a fully code-compliant, livable structure on one’s property – an apartment with private access, a guest quarters, in-law or au pair suite, office or studio. CalShore manages the planning, construction and tenant selection of these Accessory Dwelling Units. A lesser known, yet powerful value-enhancing strategy is that of ADUs.

Add square footage to your home and increase rental potential!

The re-purposing of unused or sub-optimally used space is achieved efficiently under the guidance and supervision of CalShore Management. We are well established with the grants, financing options, rules, regulations, local ordinances, vendors and can assure owners that due diligence is being competently handled. 

In consultation with engineers and architects, CalShore Management determines the optimal size, type, and design of the ADU that will maximize your benefit in the market you are in. We then take charge of assembling the full complement of vendors who will be hired for construction of the unit.  Owing to our well-established network, we can assure owners, have the understanding of the options of the market, of high-quality workmanship, at the most competitive prices.  We supervise all stages of construction, from foundation to rooftop, electric and plumbing, interior framing and finishes.

When approaching project completion, our marketing team ensures optimal exposure to the best-qualified tenants for rapid occupancy and steady revenue flow.  Once rented, CalShore’s property management assures a stellar experience for tenants and owners alike, as with all the properties we manage.

Reasons to add an ADU on your Property

Supplemental Income
Lower Overhead
Socioeconomic Diversity
Non-Disruptive Construction
Zoning Approvals
Housing Security

Increase Your Property Value And Rental Income With An ADU